Accessibility statement

As required by Israeli law and regulations, this is an accessibility statement regarding Sarid Research Institute and our facilities.

We see a high priority in providing equal service to all of our customers, online or on premise, and we invest efforts into making the most to have our contents accessible using best practices.

In this regard, we have done the following:

  • The website has been adapted and an accessibility plugin has been installed (it is available on the left side of the screen on desktop)
  • The contents of the website are viewable and supported by common browsers
  • Links within pages are identifiable
  • The design of the site and navigation throuought the site is simple and straitforward using either the header menu, the footer, or links from within pages
  • You can navigate the website using either the mouse or keyboard

To zoom into the pages of the website via the keyboard you can simultanously click on “Ctrl” + “+” (“command” + “+” on Mac), and to zoom out use “Ctrl” + “-” (“command” + “-” on Mac). You can also use the accissebility menu to increase or decrease the font size. Using the Tab key you can jump between elements of the page, and interacting by clicking on “Enter”.


Although we have tried our best to make our website and content accessible, you might find some pages which are not accessible. If so, please notify us so we can rectify and improve such occurances. We welcome any feedback you might have, please either fill-in our contact form or email us and describe the problem, what action you were attempting, at which page, and what browser you were using at the time.

Physical accessibilty

Our offices are also accessible for people with disabilities: they are in the ground floor, without stairs, with adjsoned parking available.

If you have any questions regarding physical accessibility, please reach out using one of our contact forms in the website.

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