We're a Data Science consultancy for Market Research & we make NEW sense

The old ways of doing market research are not enough in today’s disruptive environment.

We at Sarid are pioneering by fusing data science with market research and creating cutting-edge clarity.

Are you familiar with these challenges?

  • Struggling to foster innovation
  • Overwhelmed by cluttered presentations
  • Receiving reports lacking deductions and business understanding
  • Facing delays due to overburdened internal data science/BI/analysis teams
  • Uncertain about the validity or reliability of your current methods and tools
  • Encountering difficulties in engaging stakeholders and conveying your message

Our solution deck will make NEW sense for you

We ❤️ Data Science and Market Research.
Using the data-science toolbox 🛠️ we transform business challenges into actions.

Market Research Innovation HUB

We create machine-learning and AI models customized for your business. Choose one of many end-user products available, such as a presentation, a customized dashboard, or a deployable API showing how customers are segmented, classified, and predicting their decisions.
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Simple Presentations Deep dive dashboards

We’re all about efficiency. We provide concise presentations for decision-makers accompanied by a friendly dashboard interface. The interface helps build trust in the insights and acquire intuition. It allows for a deeper dive and understanding.
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Insightful Synergy

We love data but understand the value of learning from you. As part of our process, we invest time in comprehending your domain and business operations from your perspective, ensuring our results are also grounded in a deep understanding.
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DSaaS (Data Science as a Service)

We provide DSaaS (data science as a service). We create working teams that specialize in your domain and provide support for any analysis task that your internal data teams are not getting to.
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Validity and reliability verification

Our professionals can apply modeling techniques to verify validity and reliability. Upon running our models, we provide recommendations on how tools can be improved.
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Decision-maker simulation dashboards

We’ve collaborated with diverse stakeholders and executives, whether they’re data-oriented or not. We understand the nuances of effective communication and tailor our approach. We produce simulation dashboards that make the learning experience more engaging.
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Enhance your market research capabilities today with a partner who combines data science with real-world business understanding.

Why us?

As a boutique research institute on a mission to boldly go beyond the trivial, we are curious and analytic, innovative and creative by nature.

  • Experience: we’ve been in business since 1991
  • We’re worked in +15 verticals
  • We’re a team of seasoned professionals (PhDs, MSCs)
  • Proven track record (70% repeat customers)
  • Proprietary software (sarid-verse R libraries)
  • Technological abilities: R, Python, shiny apps, machine learning, cloud infrastructure

About us

Take us as your partners in this thrilling journey of NEW discovery, insights, and foresight.

We make NEW sense but you can trust us in the OLD sense of the word.

We walk the talk

See it in action

Say goodbye to cluttered slide decks and hello to clarity with our “simple presentation-deep dive dashboards” approach. We streamline complex data into concise presentations, empowering decision-makers to take swift action. Accompanied by online dashboards for further exploration, you retain full flexibility without sacrificing depth.


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