Decision-maker simulators

Sometimes, the best way to get a message across is by playing a game.

Imagine the following scenario: you have a new machine-learning model (or data-based insight) that you’re ready to use in your business. You’re sure it’s going to make wonders. 

Professionally, the way we measure the performance of models is usually using KPIs such as precision, accuracy, recall, confidence interval, and area under the curve. All of these don’t really make sense to stakeholders who are not from a relevant background. 

To get across to your stakeholders you can use a different approach: let them experience a pre-designed simulation dashboard that puts them right in the spot of the model. Let them experience the model (just like you would chat with a large language model such as ChatGPT). Experiencing the model firsthand helps with building intuition and trust. It’s not a replacement for measuring model performance, but it sure helps get the message across. 

It makes NEW sense.

Get in touch today to chat about how decision-maker simulator dashboards can make NEW sense in your business.

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