Deep dive dashboards

We’ve seen this a lot: you issue market research, collect a really long survey, and end up with a 50-ish slide deck that is simply too cluttered or complex to handle. This takes too long, and then you find yourself busy making sense instead of making decisions. That’s why we make NEW sense for you.

Using our “simple presentation-deep dive dashboards” approach, we provide you with a concise presentation, where decision-makers can clearly understand and lead action. Since no one wants to lose flexibility or under-utilize data, an online dashboard accompanies the presentation where you can continue the research on your own. Decide how you want to slice and dice the data and export your own charts and presentations based on your data.

See our example dashboard called “ACME Coffee” – a coffee adventure dashboard accompanied by Curious Joe Java, Brand Brew Billy and Sipper Susan.

Interested in learning more about implementing our simple presentations – deep dive dashboards approach in your market research?

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